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The will, along with a medical power of attorney, a trust, and a financial power of attorney, is one of the most basic elements of an estate plan. When writing a will, the creator identifies the person they want to be in charge of managing the estate that will be left behind, as well as wrapping up any of the decedent’s unfinished affairs. This can be anything from filing tax returns to identifying and solving debts.

To ensure that legal possessions will be distributed as you wanted, it’s crucial to draft a will that outlines your preferences explicitly and specifies solutions to possible problems. Because of a will’s importance, it’s best to turn to a professional when preparing it. Brook Legal, the Will and Probate Centre, explains how our team of legal lawyers in Perth, WA can help you:

Create an Error-Free Will

It’s important to avoid making a mistake or having unclear statements in your will, as you won’t be around to make any corrections or at least explain the thoughts behind your statements. If you choose to prepare your will by yourself, your statements may be worded in your way, which can be difficult for others to understand.

Another error you risk making when drafting a DIY will is forgetting to sign or update it. Some people choose to make their wills early on, so it’s possible for changes to be made down the road. Forgetting to update your will can cause your possessions to go in the wrong place. When adding or updating your will, however, it’s essential to do so correctly. If not, you risk nullifying the entire document.

Having a legal team helping you when making a will in Perth ensures that your finished document will be error-free. We can also write your statements down in a way that’s clear and easily understandable. Additionally, we can readily update your will and keep it in a safe place until the time it is needed.

Ensure The Validity of Your Will

Handwritten wills that do not follow the proper guidelines have a chance at getting rejected by the courts. Will preparation in Perth needs to be witnessed, and, in some cases, notarised. It’s important to remember that laws regarding wills can vary by state. Our professional team at Brook Legal has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your drafted will meets court standards.

Avoid Confusion With Vague Wording

Regardless of how much time you spend on writing your will because you are not well-versed in the language of the law, there’s a risk that some statements will come out vague and easily misinterpreted. An attorney, on the other hand, uses standard language that doesn’t equivocate. This makes it easier for the executors of the will, the beneficiaries, and the officers of the court to understand its contents.

You can start your will preparation in Perth as early as now. Our team of legal lawyers at Brook Legal, the Will and Probate Centre, are ready to help you with your drafting process. Get in touch with us today.

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