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Will writing in Perth is a task that some of us try to avoid but would eventually need to do. Having a properly written and prepared will ensure that your assets are divided based on your wishes and that your family stays comfortable in the untimely incident of your passing. We highly advise consulting our professional lawyers at Brook Legal in case you are ready to start writing your will. You can rely on our expertise to help ensure the validity of your will by avoiding mistakes like these:

Leaving Funeral Instructions

Funeral preparations is another difficult subject, which is why most people opt to include their funeral instructions in the will rather than discussing it with family members. While you may have avoided a heavy conversation, you won’t be getting your funeral wishes, as the probate proceedings only happen after the funeral. If it’s too difficult to talk with your loved ones, you can make a separate document that details your preferred funeral arrangements and give this to the executor of your estate.

Leaving Gifts to Pets

Animals are often treated as part of the family, and we all want to ensure their health and well-being after our passing. However, animals do not have any legal capacity to own property. Rather than leave assets to your beloved pet, it’s best to leave them with people you know will provide them with good care. While there are some states that allow for trusts with animals as a beneficiary, check your state’s laws and consult with our will lawyers in Perth regarding your decision.

Leaving Out Assets

Control over your assets is the whole point of making a will in Perth. Without a will, the probate court will decide who gets how much of your estate depending on the state inheritance laws. If you forget to include all your assets in your will or accidentally left out certain ones, they will automatically be subject to the state rules. Regardless of how minor or important that thing is, it’s important to include everything in your will to avoid any disputes later on as to who gets what.

It’s never too early to start your will preparations. If you have decided to write your will or have questions about the process, schedule a consultation with Brook Legal today. Our professional lawyers can guide you through the process, help you make smart decisions and ensure that your will is valid.

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