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The Will and Probate Centre will help you grant your Letters of Administration

The Brook Legal | Will and Probate Centre specialises in drafting and amending wills, obtaining grants of probate, powers of attorney, handling inheritance claims, and of course drawing up Letters of Administration (LOA).

What are Letters of Administration?

Letters of Administration are granted by the Supreme Court to an appropriate person, usually a beneficiary of the deceased estate. This may happen when:

  • The deceased person died without a will
  • The deceased person did not appoint an executor
  • The executor is unable or unwilling to apply for a grant of probate

For wills drawn up in Perth, the Supreme Court of Western Australia is responsible for the granting of Letters of Administration. Contact us for more information.

A beneficiary of the will (usually the spouse, de facto partner, or next of kin) can apply for the Letters of Administration. If the application for Letters of Administration is successful, the Supreme Court of Western Australia will appoint the applicant as the Administrator. This gives the applicant the authority to deal with the estate.

How can the Will and Probate Centre help you?

Applications for grants of Letters of Administration can be complex. Our solicitors have extensive experience with this process and can assist you to achieve what is needed, taking the stress out of an already stressful time.

We’ll also help you obtain any relevant documentation and submit your application with the Supreme Court. We can advise on the next steps to take such as distribution of assets.

There are also more complicated matters, like when the Letters of Administration are required once a will has been annexed. Do not worry, we can deal with that too.

Experienced lawyers

At The Will and Probate Centre, we have helped thousands of people to obtain LOA, saving them time and stress. This is what we do and our aim is to make the process as smooth and worry-free for you and your family during this tough time.

For further information about Letters of Administration, please contact us or call us on (08) 9287 1855.

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