Richard Bird

“Offering meaningful and easily understood advice. I am delighted to have found Brook Legal and will continue to avail myself to their services. Mr Brook could not have been more professional or more helpful.”

19 Jul 2019

Susan K Campbell

“Explained formalities and prepared documents in a timely manner.”

18 Jul 2019

Brian Holton & Rhonda Davis

“Everything was explained. Prompt service. Easy process for peace of mind.”

-B.H. & R.D.
18 Jul 2019

Marcelle Hopkins

“Very upfront with all details and costs and very informative and professionally handled. Many thanks.”

17 Jul 2019

Lisa Stebbins

“Explained everything clearly and thoroughly, thank you!”

15 Jul 2019

Lindsay, Martin

“All questions answered and helpful information and guidance. Friendly service, pleasant to deal with.”

12 Jul 2019

Stephen and Ratdawan Rose

“The whole procedure easy explained very well happy as.”

10 Jul 2019

Watts, Mary

“Very friendly. Good advice received from Alan.”

10 Jul 2019

Jon Dickinson

“Explained the Legal jargon in the Will so I understood exactly what each paragraph meant.”

9 Jul 2019

Sinead Byrne

“Efficient and simple- thank you. Feels good to finally have something in place to protect my children and their inheritance.”

8 Jul 2019

Cheryl Evans

“A lot of examples that were very helpful to put things into perspective.”

1 Jul 2019

Tim Patel

“Very helpful. Clear explanation of the process. Very accommodating. The service was great, no improvement needed.”

28 Jun 2019

“Felt very comfortable with information provided. Everything explained in detail- nice environment to discuss my Will.”

24 Jun 2019

Laurence Giles

“Alan was very helpful over the phone. This is what initially made me use his services. I would think other firms wouldn’t be so helpful with advise on the phone. Everything was quick and was a smooth process. Thanks for your service!”

21 Jun 2019

Cyril and Elena Martino

“The explanations were very thorough. Good discussion without pressure.”

21 Jun 2019

Feroze Ahmed Javed

“Made my Will fast and effectively. Explained in a systematic and structured way. Very informative all the information given regarding the making of a Will. Service was good. Timings were convenient for me”.

21 Jun 2019

Carolyn Pedersen

“Explained things clearly and was patient and good humoured for my circumstances. Alan responded to requests made and questions asked during the process. Thank you!”

19 Jun 2019

Norm Hunt

“Very helpful. Communicated well and kept up to date. All was good. Thank you for your services.”

14 Jun 2019

Stella C Carroll

“Very informative and explained wonderfully”.

14 Jun 2019

Peter Davis & Aileen Courtney

“Explained things simply good advice on how to cover everything. You did exactly what we wanted. Keep up the good advice.”

-P.D. & A.C.
13 Jun 2019

Debra Hutchings

“Very helpful. Covered all scenarios related to Dad’s affairs- medical and financial.”

31 May 2019

Denise Ashby

“Very efficient. Fitted me in at very late notice. Friendly people.”

31 May 2019

Amanda Morcom and Gerald Prewett

“Explained clearly in an easy to understand manner. Online enquiry and booking worked well.”

-A.M.& G.P.
29 May 2019

Louise Stazzonelli

“Explains the procedure of a Will and uses simple language of understanding.”

29 May 2019

Graham & Jaquie O’Hara

“Our meeting was very helpful and informative. Explained all processes and documents in very easily understandable ways. Answered all our questions and queries. Provided simple examples to illustrate situations. Very approachable and friendly. Provided very helpful advice.”

24 May 2019

Mark Barlow & Kerry Beros

“Explained patiently and thoroughly, repeating information as necessary. We did not feel rushed in any way.”

24 May 2019

Maureen O’Connor

“Everything was explained very well and all queries were covered.”

22 May 2019

Raymond Bell

“No waiting- on time (unlike my Doctor!)”

22 May 2019

Dennis Thompson

“Absolutely informative. Good opportunity to ask questions and cement our understanding. No time pressure.”

22 May 2019

Giulia & Mossimo Pinto

“Explaining the whole process and giving advice on our own personal/family situation. All very clear and thorough.”

16 May 2019

Joe Tripodi

“Great customer service, patient, friendly, not drawn out. Great service, would recommend to anyone.”

14 May 2019

Anthony G Gibbens

“Good communication and attention to detail. Very happy and helpful staff.”

13 May 2019

Richard & Helen Bird

“Briefing of the implications of Will making was excellent. I would recommend Brook Legal to anybody seeking a service such as was provided. The service and efficiency received far exceeded any similar service provided in the past.”

30 Apr 2019

Edward R Summerscales

“Detailed explanation and well prepared documents. Good overall advice and friendly services.”

24 Apr 2019

Suzan Stevens

“Not rushed, took time, no appointment delays. Glad we did it.”

24 Apr 2019

Anthony Nicholas Andreis

“Explained all legal terms and procedures. Very professional and knowledgeable.”

24 Apr 2019

Glenn and Julie Keating

“Explained everything in terms we could understand. Everything was accurate and punctual.”

24 Apr 2019

Shirley Walker

“Very informative and helpful. Very happy and pleased with your service.”

18 Apr 2019

Douglas and Beverley Voce

“Several points raised by us responded to clearly and concisely.”

-D. & B.V.
16 Apr 2019

Karl Horton

“Clean and concise information and all done quickly. Able to arrange appointment easily via e-mail and quick response time.”

16 Apr 2019

Marie and Louis Scott

“Explained everything very clearly. The service was very helpful, well appreciated.”

9 Apr 2019

Debbie Anne Gibson

“Thank you for being part of the Salvation Army Will Day. An outstanding service which has now helped me with two Wills. I will pass on details to family members and friends.”

8 Apr 2019

Matthew Smith

“Couldn’t have done this alone, even with Google! Created Wills quickly given I only provided instructions that morning! Everything completed in one visit.”

25 Mar 2019

Christine and Juan Svendsen

“Covered all the required documentation very thoroughly and suggested additional documentation to cover all circumstances.”

15 Mar 2019

Frances Nesbit

“Very helpful, mind put at ease. Explanation easily understood.”

12 Mar 2019

Paul and Jennifer Lynch

“All points were covered concisely and in a way we could understand easily. Thank you Alan for making the process easy and understandable for us.”

5 Mar 2019

Tracey Chapman

“Clarified and explained options and process. Worked well together in an unstressful and relaxed manner.”

1 Mar 2019

Sharon Chapman

“Clearly explained the process and made helpful suggestions. Friendly and approachable. Good overall service, quick and quite easy.”

1 Mar 2019

Stuart Duplock

“Explained documents simply and quickly. Cost effective service.”

25 Feb 2019

Denise & Anne O’Sullivan

“Very satisfied. Service fast and professional.”

21 Feb 2019

“Everything was explained to me in a clear and concise manner. The service I received I believed to be genuine and caring. Thanks for the professional and prompt service.”

15 Feb 2019

Graham Luke Mitchell

“Friendly, informative and amenable to after hours visit to sign Wills.”

15 Feb 2019

“Everything was clearly explained, quick, easy and efficient. Answered all questions patiently. Friendly service, thank you.”

14 Feb 2019

Maryanne Larsen

“Efficient in time and patient with the elderly. Thank you Alan for your professionalism and time to sort out my Mum’s Will. I’d highly recommend you to others.”

11 Feb 2019

Suzanne O’Brien

“Very helpful- made me think of things I had not thought of. Process covered all bases. Straight forward. I feel informed and confident my wishes will be considered in my Will.”

8 Feb 2019

Edward & Adeline Morton

“Walked through in calm and balanced way. Explained consequences. Up front with costs. Honest and Trustworthy.”

6 Feb 2019

Digby Gilmour

“Very well informed. Thank you.”

5 Feb 2019

David & Mai Taylor

“The services provided by Brook Legal are comprehensive, customer focused and are delivered with reference to real life experiences. Our first Will with Brook Legal will ensure our estate and kids are looked after into the future.”

30 Jan 2019

William David Jarman

“They provided all the necessary legal advice I required. Very good explanation of all points of the Will procedure.”

25 Jan 2019

Anthony Devtschman

“Great advice and very well explained. Excellent service. Alan was prepared.”

21 Jan 2019

Irene Lawtie & Peter Hordov

“Very informative! Explaining us the process very well and understanding. Very happy with the service.”

21 Jan 2019

Maria & Steven Catania

“Very descriptive and explained process simply and easy to understand. Thank you!”

18 Dec 2018

Carol Snell

“Very helpful and informative.”

7 Dec 2018

Orion & James O’Neil

“A full explanation of documents. We are happy with the level of service received.”

4 Dec 2018

Ruth Noble

“Explained the process and prompt completion of the Wills.”

28 Nov 2018

Toni & Thomas Learnihan

“We found Alan most helpful and made the process so easy.”

27 Nov 2018

Marion Barnes

“Prompt attention to my request for an updated Will and Attorney/Guardianship forms. Service is personal and excellent. It could not be improved in any way. Very happy client, I shall return if I need any legal advice. Also recommend Brook Legal to family and friends.”

27 Nov 2018

Stewart Bayford

“All queries and questions answered professionally. Matters dealt with expediently.”

16 Nov 2018

Debra Bayford

“Able to answer all our questions and concerns. Was good to receive emailed documents prior to signing so could change anything if required and be totally familiar with content.”

16 Nov 2018

Coby Kiddie

“Detailed at running through process and explaining requirements. Quick and easy, very fast turn around. Easier process than expected.”

15 Nov 2018

Robert & Deirdre Stack

“Clear concise information, answered all questions clearly. Prompt replies to queries.  We were very satisfied for the service.”

12 Nov 2018

Kaylene Purton

“Simple terminology, explained scenarios, thorough and helpful.”

31 Oct 2018

Joanne Overton

“Prompt, comprehensive and pleasant.”

30 Oct 2018

Colleen Diamond

“Very informative and helpful. Both Wills were completed on the same day- saved a lot of time.”

30 Oct 2018

Joanne Edwards

“Explained things well and made me feel at ease.”

26 Oct 2018

Benjamin Toohey

“Alan explained things well and brought up important points that needed to be discussed of which I am grateful. Alan has been very helpful through a difficult time in my life and has made my legal matters simple and resolved my problems in a timely manner.”

24 Oct 2018

Consolation M Villanueva

“Clear and simple explanations.”

24 Oct 2018

Darren and Natasha Dropulich

“Made us more aware of our obligations with regards to the binding beneficiary of our Super Funds. Assisted us to reassess our existing life insurance policy. We are happy to recommend your services to others who may be looking at drawing up a Will.”

12 Oct 2018

Marion Scott

“Prepared all documents as instructed and explained everything. Thank you.”

11 Oct 2018

Brad Sertorio

“Explained the needs/requirements of the Will and who we should appoint. Thanks.”

9 Oct 2018

Michael A Willett

“Very straight forward and clear explanation. Focused on my particular circumstances.”

9 Oct 2018

George and Solly Boycen

“Everything explained clearly, very helpful. Taking time to go over each document slowly and carefully. Explaining issues which would not have occurred to us. Thank you Alan, for your professionalism. You made a difficult process much easier.”

5 Oct 2018

Clive Plummer

“Explanation of services, advice and changes as required executed professionally. Thank you.”

3 Oct 2018

Marshall & Carniel Warner

“Clear explanation of legal issues and expert advice.”

28 Sep 2018

Karen Bradley

“I phoned to make an appointment to prepare my Will. I received an appointment promptly and all paperwork was dealt with in one visit.”

20 Sep 2018

Joan Valsassina

“Happy with my new Will.”

14 Sep 2018

Alan & Pam Smith

“Explained important aspects.”

13 Sep 2018

Bev Berry

“Good communication- both by phone and in person. Clear explanation of all that was discussed. Allowed to have input, listened to. Very happy with prompt service.”

13 Sep 2018

Ross Lay

“It was quite an involved process. Helps to have professionals that know their business”.

12 Sep 2018

Jon Vincent

“Produced the required documents and explained the clauses.”

12 Sep 2018

Catherine Halligan-Jolly

“Very informative and carefully explained. Answered all of our questions. Very happy, put our minds at ease.”

11 Sep 2018

Ian Edwards

“Good service when booking appointment. Clear explanation of the legal terms and the key parts of the Will.”

3 Sep 2018

Mike McDonnell & Janet Flemming

“Explained everything in detail so we understood. Went above and beyond in his service. Appreciate the time and effort put in. Very Grateful.”

31 Aug 2018

Hannah Chapman

“Alan explained every step and was quick to clarify anything I had questions about. Reception staff were warm and welcoming.”

31 Aug 2018

Avril and Peter Rivers

“Explanation of paperwork was detailed in full with all questions answered. Very happy with the services provided. Alan was very polite, efficient and thorough. Good experience.”

24 Aug 2018

Ken & Catherine Cornford

“Explained everything well with good, easy to understand examples. Very helpful experience and friendly people”

21 Aug 2018

“You spoke clearly about how we as a family need to approach each other and gave good sound advice.”

21 Aug 2018

Vicki Buchanam

“The information provided by Alan in both sessions was clear and detailed. Friendly service. Very helpful- Thank you!”

14 Aug 2018

Geoffrey & Yvonne Brown

“Services provided quickly after instructions, offered other advice and kept appointment times.”

13 Aug 2018

Averil Lunn

“This was a stressful and overwhelming experience which I had postponed for some time. Alan Brook was understanding, patient and supportive.”

13 Aug 2018

Clem Rogers

“Excellent clear explanation and advice regarding my Will and Enduring Powers of Attorney & Guardianship. All well handled services with friendly staff, a job well done!!”

10 Aug 2018

Domenica Guiseppina Burgwyn

“A great help. Informed us on all matters regarding Probate and beyond regarding tax return etc. Excellent service, no improvement required.”

10 Aug 2018

Maria Antionetta Zimanglini

“Thank you to Alan and his staff, their help with everything was outstanding. The Service provided was very helpful, no improvement needed.”

10 Aug 2018

Stephen and Cathie O’Dea

“Very helpful & efficient. Fully explained concepts of Wills & Estates etc. Offered Enduring Powers of Attorney & Contract of Will options. Very satisfied with service, thank you.”

6 Aug 2018

Mr & Mrs Dongray

“Alan Brook was amazing, very knowledgeable and really helpful. Highly recommended, thank you for your help.”

26 Jul 2018

Lirelle M’Greevy

“Explained everything well and to an understanding I could follow.”

13 Jul 2018

Flyn & Corinne Gallardo

“Good that we dealt with Brook Legal. It’s a real eye opener for us and it’s good to set up a Will in advance to prepare for the inevitable. Alan did well at explaining the steps and details of the Will in layman terms.”

10 Jul 2018

Christine Webster

“The entire process was excellent, I didn’t feel rushed and time was taken to explain everything in detail. I will definitely recommend Brook Legal to family and friends”

10 Jul 2018

Jeffery Flint

“Explained the facets of Wills and trends in modern situations regarding claims by various parties associated. Helpful and pleasant process.”

9 Jul 2018

Leon Dodd

“Very happy with service and efficiency.”

8 Jul 2018

Vincent Williams

“Supplied documents that clearly informed us that our requirements were met. For the scope of our needs, the process met our expectations.”

6 Jul 2018

Natalie Dawson

“I was well informed about my personal circumstances and what would occur in the future if my circumstances changed.”

4 Jul 2018

Eric & Hazel Sinclair

“Explained everything in plain English as Legal Terms can be confusing to the average person. Happy with the service and the costs are reasonable.”

3 Jul 2018

Alexei Lysenko

“Very clear, simple and efficient.”

2 Jul 2018

Kyle & Kylie Shipway

“Helped with our Wills, answered our many questions and gave us all the advice that was needed. Very happy clients and glad our Wills are sorted for the future.”

29 Jun 2018

Brian & Annette Moon

“Explained all aspects of the Will. Advised other steps to take – E.g Binding Nomination for Superannuation. Friendly and approachable.”

29 Jun 2018

Josephine Carnaby

“Explanation of various clauses was well done. We are very happy with the service provided by Brook Legal and would happily recommend their services to friends and relatives.”

27 Jun 2018

David Niesche

“Comprehensive explanation of Will requirements, reasonable fees and uncomplicated process.”

14 Jun 2018

Debra Flanagen

“Very informative and very helpful. Explained everything to me in a way which I completely understood. I know I won’t go away thinking I should have asked certain questions as everything was thoroughly explained to me.”

13 Jun 2018

Elsie Kivits

“Great service, everything was explained in detail and made easy to understand.”

11 Jun 2018

Larissa Anne Hurrell

“Alan was honest and open about what was necessary in creating our Will. He also enlightened us on information about our Trust which we greatly appreciate.”

1 Jun 2018

Nira Roberts

“Professional. Explained areas of making a Will easy to understand.”

30 May 2018

Thomas & Christine Folke

” Everything was explained properly and completed in a short time.”

28 May 2018

Ben & Claire Paparo

“Overall, extremely happy with the time you took to deliver advice and explain the Wills.”

23 May 2018

Jeremy Cole

“Happy and have referred to others already.”

23 May 2018

Alison Inglis

“The advice and service given is practical and genuine. All documents are concise and easy to understand”.

13 May 2018

Robert & Cheryl Player

“Always welcoming and professional. Thorough when clearly explaining the technicalities and possible consequences/outcomes. All done in a ‘down to earth’ and pragmatic way.”

2 May 2018

Lloyd & Grace Denney

“Pleasant Principal and staff, explained everything in depth.”

1 May 2018

Ashleigh Turvey

“Clarified, listened and helped with any queries.”

1 May 2018

June Hough

“Generally well explained, very thorough and easy to communicate with.”

1 May 2018

Cecilia Ann King

“Explained everything very clearly. Gave me information on things I hadn’t even thought of, e.g Exclusions, Enduring Powers of Attorney & Guardianship. I would definitely advise anyone who is looking for Legal Services to use Brook Legal.”

27 Apr 2018

Jody Cameron

“Covered all important information. Very well explained as to what I was signing.”

26 Apr 2018

Gillian Hall

“Staff member was very pleasant and helpful, I got in quickly with an appointment. Very impressed with how it was all handled and very thorough going through the documents I wanted. Nothing I asked for was any problem, I would recommend your services.”

24 Apr 2018

Michael Lyons & Jennifer Lyons

“Explained everything carefully and clearly. We are now reassured that we have taken appropriate steps to ensure that family members will not be inconvenienced or troubled.”

23 Apr 2018

Murray Shaw

“Good service, feel very confident with the advice & service.”

20 Apr 2018

Peter Reeves

“Very happy with the service, down to earth. Explained fully to my satisfaction and answered all my queries as required.”

17 Apr 2018

Anne Morris

“Explained the situation and listened well.”

12 Apr 2018

Borman & Judith

“Well explained, very thorough process.”

23 Mar 2018

Elizabeth Sue Potter

“Listened to my wishes and explained all the jargon.”

22 Mar 2018


“Very clear communication and explanation of terms and process. Most helpful and would certainly recommend.”

21 Mar 2018

Jenneth Stib

“Professional, prompt service with excellent advice.”

16 Mar 2018

Lauren & Andrew Dougal

“Very informative and easy to understand. Flexible with first meeting via phone and documents arrived via email within a quick time frame.”

14 Mar 2018


“Explained everything and had patience with elderly parents. Great that everything was done in one visit.”

9 Mar 2018

Mary Bruce

“Very thorough and professional. Very helpful through the whole process.”

8 Mar 2018

J. L. H.

“Saw me promptly, explained the process well, prepared the Will efficiently and fees were very reasonable. I will recommend Brook Legal to my friends and work colleagues for preparation of their Wills.”

-J. L. H.
6 Mar 2018

S. B. & A. B.

“Explained the Will in detail in clear, everyday terms. Totally satisfied. Alan was extremely patient and careful to attend to our questions.”

-S. B. & A. B.
23 Feb 2018

G. D. S. & E. M. S.

“Clear explanations and sensible advice.”

-G. D. S. & E. M. S.
22 Feb 2018

Alan MacDonald

“Communication between Mr Brook and myself was excellent. Nothing was too much trouble and everything was explained and clarified.”

20 Feb 2018

Jonathan & Laura Chambers

“Seen very promptly after first enquiry, clear explanation of legal terms and very quick turn around for Will and EPA documents.”

16 Feb 2018

Kaye Wegman & Graham O’Hara

“Clear advice & explanations. Efficient Probate application without any problems and highly professional.”

15 Feb 2018

Adam & Tanya Symonds

“Everything was explained clearly and thoroughly with expert advice given. Very happy with the service.”

13 Feb 2018

Karl & Cherrie Horten

“Very clear and thorough with explaining everything.”

9 Feb 2018

S. S.

“Punctual service. Documentation explained clearly.”

-S. S.
8 Feb 2018

A. T.

“Quick, clear and efficient service. Process and details were clearly explained in a sensitive way. Thanks :)”

-A. T.
7 Feb 2018

J. W. S. & I. S.

“Explained the details of the Will and complied with our requests for any adjustments in a pleasant manner.”

-J. W. S. & I. S.
7 Feb 2018

A & E Gray

“Everything was very well explained and all questions answered.”

-A. G. & E. G.
7 Feb 2018


“Provided a professional service very promptly.”

2 Feb 2018

A & J Lange

“Appointment times were flexible and easy to make. Service was friendly and thorough.”

1 Feb 2018

Peter R

“Local, efficient, friendly and thorough.”

1 Feb 2018


“Got me in very quickly to  do my Will. Happy with everything.”

31 Jan 2018

Robert Osmetti

“Very honest in his approach and recommendation as to the most effective path to take to reach agreement.”

31 Jan 2018


“Alan was very friendly. Explained everything in easy to understand terminology. Made me feel at ease. Would recommend Brook Legal to my friends.”

30 Jan 2018


“Explained every aspect of the Will, the processes and all the detail in the Will in a way that was easily understandable by my wife and I.”

-A. F.
29 Jan 2018


“Procedure for Probate/Will was clearly explained. Fees upfront explained with estimates provided. Entire process was thorough and meticulously explained. Requests for copies of documents provided quickly and effortlessly. Very happy and Alan took a large weight off my shoulders as the process would have been difficult to handle by myself.”

-T. L.
29 Jan 2018


“The service was excellent. Professional, timely and very helpful with plenty of advice provided. The service remained within the quoted budget. Many thanks to Alan and staff. I appreciated the patience you have shown.”

-G. B.
25 Jan 2018


“Very clear explanations of documents and a comfortable session. Alan is always caring and dependable. I always feel better after seeing Alan.”

-P. L.
23 Jan 2018

A.L. & A.L

“We are very happy with the service. Alan explained everything to us clearly and patiently. Fully recommended.”

-A. L. & A. L.
23 Jan 2018

R.S & J.S.

“Clearly and concisely explained the services to us, answered all of our queries satisfactorily and handled everything very professionally.”

-R. S. & J. S.
22 Jan 2018

E.J. & D.J.

“Everything was explained to us well.”

-E. J. & D. J.
22 Jan 2018

J.T & B.T.

“Explained everything in language that is easily understood. Will recommend.”

-J. T. & B. T.
22 Jan 2018

F. V. D. B.

“Clear, concise explanation. Complete service result in one visit.”

-F. V. D. B.
19 Jan 2018


“The total of all tasks have been thorough and informative. I thank all the staff for their professionalism and knowledge.”

-B. G.
19 Jan 2018


“Alan explained the responsibilities of being a Guarantor in great detail. He was very clear to understand.”

- I. L. B.
17 Jan 2018


“Very thorough and organised. Very satisfied with the service.”

-F. H.
16 Jan 2018


“Speedy, obliging and kind.”

-M. H.
16 Jan 2018


“Explained things well – easy to understand. Quick to organise everything and very quick to help with queries.”

-R. H.
12 Jan 2018

S.I. & A.I.

“Explained the structure of the Will and gave advice of thing that we may have to deal with. Good service.”

-S. I. & A. I.
12 Jan 2018


“Spoke clearly and explained everything in terms I could understand. Attended to paperwork very quickly. Happy to refer you to others.”

-P. W.
10 Jan 2018


“Very helpful, good advice and efficient.”

-A. C.
20 Dec 2017

K.R. & C.D.

“Explained the legal aspects of making a Will very well.”

-K. R. & C. D.
19 Dec 2017


“Alan explained things very clear for me to understand and helped me make some decisions. Easy appointment to get, receptionist very helpful on phone.”

-J. B.
19 Dec 2017


“It was very informative and helpful. Professional and efficient.”

-L. P.
18 Dec 2017

S. W.

“Every question answered. Activating the Will and the whole process was quite fast with no dramas. Phone calls were always returned. Very happy.”

-S. W.
16 Dec 2017


“Explained in detail what we needed to do. Organised whatever needed to be done. Happy with the service overall.”

-R. A.
15 Dec 2017

T.B. & L.B.

“From the very beginning Alan was helpful and explained every step of the way. Nothing was too much trouble and he went over and above our expectations.”

-T. B. & L. B.
15 Dec 2017

Rachel O.

“Very good with explaining topics of concern. Very professional.”

-R. O.
13 Dec 2017


“Explained issue concisely and in plain English.” 

-D. A. W.
7 Dec 2017

L.L. & S.L.

“Alan was clear with explanation of details in relation to us making our Will.” 

-L. L. & S. L.
7 Dec 2017


“Alan listened to my issues and provided a solution that was not only affordable but practical and at times compassionate and understanding. Thank you Alan for looking after me. Service is excellent.” 

-A. P.
6 Dec 2017


“Friendly staff – Excellent legal service. Prompt service and follow up meetings. Service by Mr Brook and staff excellent – appreciated. Very helpful.”

-G. H.
4 Dec 2017

M.G. & C.G.

“We would recommend and have been recommending our family and friends to get a Will etc made out and to use Brook Legal to do it. We were sooo impressed with the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere when we arrived for our appointment. Everything was explained in terms we understood, not legal jargon where it just goes over your head. We were able to have everything completed, signed and sealed in 1 day. Thank you for making it so easy.”

-M. G. & C. G. 
2 Nov 2017

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