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How to get a Power of Attorney in Perth

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What is a Power of Attorney?

A general power of attorney is a legal agreement that grants a person of your choosing the authority to act on your behalf when making personal and/or financial decisions. This could be because you are out of the country or incapacitated because of mental or physical health issues, and unable to act on your own behalf.

You can grant more than one more person authority to act on your behalf, as long as they are over 18, and enjoy full legal capacity.

Financial Power of Attorney

This allows the holder of your power of attorney to manage your finances, whether it’s paying rent, selling your home, or investing your money.

Personal Power of Attorney

This means that whoever holds your power of attorney has the authority to look after your wellbeing, including medical care, where you live, or appointing a carer for you.

How we can help

We will help you appoint someone as your power of attorney. There are two kinds.

  • Enduring Power of Attorney

If you require another person to act on your behalf, we will help you grant an Enduring Power of Attorney. If you are facing the prospect of declining health, this can avoid practical problems in the future.

Once granted an Enduring Power of Attorney, your appointed person or people, can make financial and property decisions on your behalf.

  • General Power of Attorney

This will grant someone to act on your behalf for a specific time period or event, for example, if you are travelling overseas or undergoing an operation.

Power of Attorney: Fees

A Power of Attorney can only be completed with the permission of the person over whose affairs the power will operate. They must be mentally capable of understanding the actions they are taking.

We charge a flat fee of $165.00 for an Enduring Power of Attorney.

For further information about appointing a Power of Attorney, please contact us or call us on (08) 9287 1855.


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